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Don't be lied to by Big macs auto sales like I was.Not the best credit I already knew that but they said I would definitly get approved no matter my credit.

Got a car not my first choice but I know ith my credit I can't be that picky. They assured and promised me that it would be approved only to get a call a few days later asking me to bring the car back! Not even a simple were sorry.

Save yourself alot of grief and go somewhere else and the owner Bert as well as the salesperson Andrew if you could call him that are about is dishonest as they come.I don't want to see anyone no matter their credit treated like I was.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Portland, Oregon, United States #710199

Be thankful that you were not able to keep the vehicle.They actually did you a big favor.

If you had kept the vehicle chances are you would have a very overpriced lemon on your hands. These guys are definatley major liars, have no consiences whatsoever and are looking to screw as many people as possible.

With any luck they will be out of business before too many more people get taken by them.:(

Vancouver, Washington, United States #643808

Andrew was my salesperson as well.He wouldn't budge on the price, convinced me the price was more then reasonable, and then told me to lie to the finance company about how much cash I put down (I should have guessed then that dealing with them would be a nightmare)I never spoke to Bert, when I asked for the owner I was sent to someone named Titon.

The car is now sitting with a blown engine after owning it less then 3 months. His response?

It's my car, my problem.:(


Been to alot of dealers and they seem to be all the same..Exept going to Big Macs Auto Sales..We were treated good and they were able to help me get financed concidering my credit is the worst...We were able to purchase a vehicle nicer than we thought! i would recomend anyone who needs financing for bad credit...these guys were great. Tom & Cheryal


I was never lied to by Big Macs Auto Sales, as a matter of fact my credit SUCKED bad, and since I gave them all the correct information and never lied to them or the banks I was able to get a car loan. If you lie on your application to the bank, thats fraud, I wasnt going out like no punk, so I made sure to speak the truth and walked away with a bad *** Chevy Suburban. I would totally Reccomend Big Macs and all of their employees to buy a car from, they will make sure you are taken care of ONLY if your honest with them!


Sorry to hear that..I do know they are under new managment..Because my family bought a 2004 tahoe,and my rate went from 29.99 to 8.49 and we went to two other lots and were told no!!!Thank you big macs.


Joke of a car lot

to Me Kalama, Washington, United States #655562

:sigh A joke?Well, my sister in law wasn't laughing when the van they sold her broke down before she even made her first payment!

She is a single mom and needs a running car to get to work and transport her 3 kids! This crappy dealer is no laughing matter.

I hope they go out of business.:(


Joke of a car lot

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