Bought a vehicle from Big Macs that needed some repairs when we test drove it.Salesman was very nice and made it seem like he was going out of his way to get us the best deal and told us he only wanted us to be happy.

Promised to fix the issues if we bought the car and managed to get us into the vehicle the same day. Turns out several things needed to be replaced because it was running rough. Took it back to them when they were able to get it into the shop they use and get repairs done, but after the repairs were done the check engine light came on. The salesman assured me that they would make it right and get the rest fixed.

After I had the car a month we managed to get it back in to them so they could take it back to the shop to fix the main issue that was wrong, which was the same main issue we had when we test drove it. I was told to drop it off at the lot and they would take it back to the shop. Got a call later that day from a different salesman wondering why my car has been sitting there all afternoon. Then when I got another call back from them they stated that all the work promised in writing to repair the vehicle when we bought it was done, but the car still runs like *** and has no power, so it was obviously not fixed.

They fixed a couple of things that was wrong with it but it did not take care of the main problem that I was guaranteed was going to be fixed. I went in to talk to them about this and told them the issue they promised to fix was not fixed, and that they should have it done correctly, but was told I would have to pay for anymore work that the vehicle needed as they honored their promise. ***! The issue was never fixed in the first place after I was promised multiple times it would be and that last time I took it in was guaranteed it would be fixed and my car just sat there.

They did not even take it back over the the mechanic, but told me they did. I asked the salesman Greg if he was a liar then and he got extremely angry and started yelling at me and told me to get out. Whatever happened to " The customer is always right" and even if they aren't what kind of decent business would allow their employees to yell at customers and tell them to get out? WEll, the lost my repeat business, when we buy a car for our teenager we will definately be going somewhere else that's for sure.

I also had a friend who was going to go there because they need a new vehicle, but they aren't going to do business with them now either. Right there alone is several thousand dollars lost to them. If you want a good experience where salesmen don't yell at you when you catch them in a lie don't go to Big Macs. We even went over to the mechanic after Greg told us he took my car over to them that morning, and they verified that he did in fact NOT bring it in that day.

So a day without my car, special arrangements to get to work without it so it could just sit in their parking lot all day.

Beware before you shop there.They talk good, but follow through is not what it should be and the salesmen or at least a couple of them are downright rude liars!

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